Refresh is a new, innovative experience. It is a coaching program designed to give counsel and care to pastors and leaders. There is a pressing need in the Church, which must be addressed if we are going to continue to thrive.

     Statistics say 1500 Pastors are leaving the ministry per month and 70% of all ministers feel they do not have a true friend.  Although the Apostolic fellowship is more insulated from our culture than other denominations, we are still vulnerable to the enemies’ strategies. It is my desire to become that friend, that voice and that refreshing that will keep us on the mark of Apostolic doctrine, holiness and power. 

     Just as on a computer, you must have a refresh button because things get stuck; screens freeze and the keyboard won’t respond. If the refresh doesn’t work, a reboot becomes necessary. I want to be a voice that refreshes our pastors and ministers and coaches (reboots) them to a higher level of purpose and potential. God desires to restore to the church the power to meet the demands of this generation.

     Our preachers must learn to grow personally before they can grow their ministry. Pastor Stephen Spite expressed it so well, “We are engineered by God; to excel in submission to some form of human leadership and influence - rather than in solo expressions.”

The REFRESH program utilizes monthly webex meetings to talk, teach and learn how to impact our generation. This innovative twelve-month experience will help you to:

     Refresh your Vision
     Revive your Purpose
     Renew your Passion
     Replenish your Virtue

     I invite you to lift your vision to higher sights, and to take your ministry to the next level, as you join me in this exciting venture designed to boost your potential. 

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