What does growth look like? This booklet and CD teach you to focus on your growth and not your failures. Practicing daily disciplines that impact daily decisions will move you toward an extreme life makeover and allow you to live a Total Quality Life.

Made for More Study Guide

Now you can get the most out of your Made for More book. This study guide is designed to walk you through each section and is guaranteed to expand your understanding of the information within.
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Where are we now? Where shall we go? How shall we get there? Become a Vibrant Church with a missional identity.  This booklet and CD provide strategies on how to grow yourself and your church to fulfill your destiny.

Mission + Vision + Strategy = Success

These leadership training workbooks with accompanying CD will help you become the Outstanding leader God has created you to be, give you strategies for growth as a Vibrant Church, and allow you to live a Total Quality Life.

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The Dancing Father is the sequel to the recently released book by Brian Kinsey, Made for More. The title itself is gripping. Just think, to have the Father Himself tap you on the shoulder and say, "Break from whatever you are doing. This dance is mine!" It is simply a re-discovery of the joy and power found through a daily relationship with God.  Power comes out of relationship.  The book is filled wiht power points!  The very statement, "If thou be the Son of God..." tells us that hell hears what heaven says about you. There's nothing hell fears more than the power of the sonship relationship. 

Discover seven spiritual principles that will open your eyes to weaknesses in your life, make you aware of the more God has for everyone, and ensure that your relationship with Him remains intimate, vibrant, and strong.  Once these strategies are implemented the reader will have a clearer picture of what his or her life could be and will have identified practical action steps for moving in that direction.


Today's leadership can be described as transformational. The Outstanding! workbook and CD contain visionary leadership principles that will propel your life and your ministry from average to awesome.